Government Canyon State Natural Area | August 2014

Goose Island State Park | February 2014

Our second state park outing... but really it's the first visit of any worth. I consider her first park my park, even though she hasn't even seen the beach yet. She's seen where I fill out my time sheet, that counts right?

When my friend, Tara, was visiting last week, in between painting the furniture and watching the entire season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, we took a trip out to Goose Island State Park in Rockport, TX. Our ranger friend, Janelle, was leading an edible plants walk so we thought we'd pack up the mob and go explore! We loaded up Lily and the pups and headed out. Rockport is about an hour away, it really wasn't a bad drive, though! 
It was pretty damn chilly the day that we decided to go. High 30s, low 40s. I was debating whether it was a good idea to bring Lily out or not, but I knew she'd be in the carrier and I could help keep her toasty warm so we decided to brave it!
We pulled into the meeting area, not surprised to see that we were the only brave souls who actually wanted to go walk around in the wind and the cold. We came prepared, though, and bundled ourselves up. On the hike, Janelle taught us about oak trees and plants that will make you vomit and plants that will make you say 'mmmmm'. I'm being pretty broad here because, honestly, I can't remember any of the fucking plant names. Damnit. I was really paying attention, too. Sorry, Janelle.
Did I mention I love babywearing?
You may remember Lucy from here. She helped me test out the carrier way back when.
We walked around on the trail for about an hour. Lily slept through the whole thing. Figures. Maybe if she had been awake she could remind me of the names of the plants. C'mon, Lily. What are you good for?! Oh, yeah, you're fucking cute. That's right.
After the hike, we took a quick drive in the (heated) car to go see the water and the fishing pier. We swung by the Big Tree, also, where I breastfed Lily in the car while Tara got out and took some pictures. The Big Tree is this huge live oak that is like.. 1000 years old. That's an old fucking tree. It's all gnarly looking and, according to Tara's investigations, there are all sorts of wires holding the branches up. Sounds super safe.
This is Big Tree. It's a big fucking tree. I stole this photo from Wikipedia.
We stopped for some essential hot chocolate at the fanciest cafe in town (read: a gas station) and made the drive back.
I know I've said this before, but I am super gung ho about raising kids in parks. I plan on taking Lily camping as soon as it warms up a little bit.  I want her to appreciate the outdoors and recognize the value of nature.  I anticipate her next park will be Garner State Park! Keep an eye out. I know you're on the edge of your seat.

This post was brought to you by the word 'fuck'.


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