Guadalupe River State Park | November 2014
Government Canyon State Natural Area | November 2014

Palmetto State Park | November 2014

The Thanksgiving holidays were wonderful. I took almost a full week off of work and headed to the new house in San Antonio. It is cozy and cute and centrally located. Pretty much everywhere I went in town was 20 minutes or less. Restaurants are easily accessible, as is HEB. I really like it and I'm looking forward to Lily and I building new memories there.

My break was incredibly active. On Thanksgiving, I ran a 4 mile Turkey Trot that was put on by the San Antonio Roadrunners. I have been running regularly since late July/early August and I've put in the miles that should have made this run pretty easy. What I wasn't expecting.... were the hills. I am used to flat, sea level runs. The hill country has, well, hills. They were kind of brutal but we pushed through. Literally, I pushed that fucking stroller up those fucking hills. We hit our goal of under 44:00 minutes, though! It was our first run as a family and I hope to do more in the future. I'm getting pretty great at juggling a dog and a stroller.


Much food and wine was consumed following the race throughout the day. The meal was delicious and Lily enjoyed her first Thanksgiving, though we were both a bit congested.

That Saturday, we decided to trek to yet another new park for us. We set our sights on Palmetto State Park, though it was a close race between that and Blanco State Park. The recommendations of other park folks swayed our decision, in the end.


The park is located in Gonzales, TX and the drive took us a little over an hour. Not bad at all. It was a warm day and a great one for hiking. We arrived at the park, got our permit, and headed to the trailhead of the Ottine Swamp trail. We connected it with the Mesquite Flats trail, and ended on the San Marcos River trail for a total of a little over 3 miles. The trails were pretty empty and we only passed a small handful of people along the way. It was peaceful and perfect.

IMAG0497      IMAG0512

The park flora is strange. You're in a forested area... and there are fucking palm trees everywhere. Dwarf palmettos, to be exact. It just seems so out of place and odd to see the differing plants in the same area. I suppose that is what makes the park unique, though. I was freaking out, man. But not really.

IMAG0500      IMAG0508


Once we finished the hike, we checked out the old CCC refectory. I used to really not be interested in history much and then when I worked at a CCC park, all of a sudden something clicked. I love seeing the old buildings that still stand 80 years later, that are still being used by park visitors. I think it's pretty awesome.


I love that the leaves are actually changing color in some parts of the state. You'd never know that it was fall on the Gulf Coast.


As we left, we enjoyed the scenic park road and got our last glimpses of the beautiful scenery. We headed home to rest up for our next adventure the following day.




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