McKinney Falls State Park | December 2014
Mustang Island State Park + Pedernales Falls State Park | February 2015

Hill Country State Natural Area | January 2015

Wow, I have been seriously neglecting this thing. As usual, life has been busy. I've been working hard, playing hard, and having a great time with it all.

A few weeks ago I was visiting San Antonio for a work trip. I went through Cultural Resources Monitoring training and it was actually really great. It was the Region 3 class, but a few non R3-ers hopped in on it. I met a lot of really awesome people, learned a lot about history, and had a wonderful time.

While I was in town, we of course ventured to another state park. This time we decided to hit Hill Country State Natural Area. I had been there once before back in July 2013 with my pal, Shauna. But visiting in the heat of the Texas summer combined with being pregnant wasn't the best combination and we didn't get to do a hell of a lot of hiking. January was a much more pleasant time to visit and we actually had perfect weather the day we visited. I might even go so far as to say it was almost hot outside.

Kim joined us for the drive out to Bandera where we met Tara and Lucy. The park is pretty minimal in terms of development, but that is what I like about it. It's a big equestrian park so we saw lots of horse trailers and horses along the trail.


We enjoyed the picnic area near headquarters for a bit before heading out on the trails. I can't remember which trail we did... maybe 5A? But it took us up a decent amount of elevation to get some really pretty views. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the hike.


Hcsna1       Hcsna8



It was a great day trip with some of my favorite people.

Other than the work trip, I've just been truckin' along with work and with life. I'm fitting into pants that haven't fit since college. I'm running and feeling great. I ran a 10k last weekend with some of my mama friends and was ecstatic to find that I was able to shave SIX minutes off of the last time I ran that exact 10k in 2012. SIX MINUTES. That's epic. I was averaging under 10:00min/mile, which is a big deal for me.



It was nice to do another race. So nice, in fact, that I signed up to do another one tomorrow. Two 10ks in an 8 day period. Yeaaaaah! I'll be pushing Lily in the stroller for tomorrow's race so I'm sure that'll slow me down a bit. Plus, I haven't run at all this week after the 10k. But whatever, I'm still running 6.2 miles so fuck it!

Other good/fun/productive things that have happened recently:

  • lots of guitar playing with friends
  • paid off two of my four student loans
  • officially going to Massachusetts with Lily for my five year college reunion

Okay, I think that is a sufficient catch up for everyone. Hopefully it's not another 2 months before I get around to posting again. But if it is... deal with it.


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