Mustang Island State Park + Pedernales Falls State Park | February 2015
Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park + Estero Llano Grande State Park | April 2015

Goliad State Park | March 2015

We had a terrific day yesterday. We drove up to Goliad State Park to watch the war reenactments that they do up there. The festivities took place on the grounds of the Presidio La Bahia.



Okay, so Texas history is actually really cool. The reenactments were focused on Fannin & his troops over in Goliad. There were a couple of skirmishes, which led up to the Battle of Coleto Creek. Fannin and his men were actually in the process of retreating from Goliad, but ran into a few problems that caused them to be delayed. The Mexican army, led by General Urrea, was approaching fast. The Texians hunkered down, forming a square, and prepared to fight off the Mexican army. They were quite successful, however Fannin had poorly planned and they were running out of water and supplies and ended up surrendering.


IMAG1800_1   IMAG1797_BURST002_1

The Texians surrendered with a few conditions - primarily being that they would be spared and that their injured would be cared for. Unfortunately for them, Santa Anna had just issued a command that all Texians bearing arms be considered pirates and executed. So, on Palm Sunday in 1836, the men were marched a mile out from the Presidio and executed. It's crazy because, even being from Texas, I didn't know much about Goliad or what happened there, but twice as many men died in the Goliad Massacre than at the Alamo and San Jacinto combined.

In between the battle reenactments, we wandered through the presidio and ventured down the road to the state park and visited Mission Espiritu Santo.




The mission was established by the Spaniards and was used primarily to convert the natives to Catholicism and their idea of community. Many natives opted for this way of life as a means of survival and gave up their nomadic ways. We got a tour of the grounds and learned a ton.


Seeing the reenactments and being immersed in some of my state's history was really, really cool. Lily loved the cannons and gunfire and was cracking up at them. She loved the horses and running around. We even managed to get a few bluebonnet photos by the Zaragoza monument that sits on the property.



We headed back home, mildly sunburned and exhausted, and went to bed embarrassingly early. It was fantastic.


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