Petrified Forest National Park | December 2021

Ramblings | Keeping Up

Phwew. I don't know about any of you, but lately, I have just been EXHAUSTED! Maybe it's the oncoming heat of the summer, maybe it's the semi-increased stress at work due to low staffing, maybe it's just my body telling me to rest. Either way, I will listen to my body and mind when they speak.

I am learning to set boundaries and be very mindful with my time. That doesn't mean I spend every waking moment doing something meaningful that makes me feel good. Sometimes that means choosing to spend my time lounging on the sofa watching Netflix or getting in bed at 7PM to read a book. I'm learning to not make time for people and things that don't serve me (like... why am I just now getting this??!). I'm not overly committing myself to anything and, especially with this business, I'm not forcing anything. 

It does feel hard to keep up with everything most of the time. Single mom, full time job, side business, hobbies. While all of these things fulfill me, it's only when they come in appropriate amounts and with a good balance between them. Sometimes, things have to fall by the wayside. That is basically what has happened with my writing on this site!

As I finally take a moment to pick up where I left off back in January, fresh off our Arizona road trip, I feel ready to come back to it. And, to me, that's the most important part. I would rather take some time off and be able to come back with purpose, with thought, than to just come back to go through the motions with nothing to say just for the sake of keeping the business active here. 

Anyways, all this to say - I think I feel ready to dedicate more time to writing again and that feels good. I've enjoyed focusing on the social media aspect of content for a while, but I like this medium because I can get more in depth. So, expect to see more of my ramblings, our travels, and tips & tricks than you've seen in the past six months! Drop me a line if you have something or somewhere that you want me to talk about!


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