Two Week Travels | Arizona Desert

We were SO excited to finally plan a trip to some more Arizona National Parks! I have been wanting to bring Lily to Saguaro National Park for quite some time and, after the busyness of work and the holidays, I was looking forward to spending a little over a week in the desert. I wish we could have spent more time in the area, but we had to get back to school and work (boooo hisssss). We hit some new West Texas state parks along the way and explored some of the most iconic Arizona parks! Stay tuned for more details, but here is the basic itinerary as part of our Two Week Travels series (okay, okay, so this is only one week but sshhhhhh)!


Two Week Travels | California

With October in full swing, I am reminiscing about the many fall trips we've taken. Utah, Colorado, New England, and, most recently, California. We spent about a week and half exploring some of California's National Parks shortly before COVID-19 became a thing. Our route took us in a big misshapen circle, hitting five parks (and spending Thanksgiving in Pasadena). Instead of heading back towards LA after Death Valley, you could easily pop over to Joshua Tree and then sub in Channel Island National Park for time spent in LA!


Two Week Travels | To Pennsylvania & back

Hard to believe our big summer road trip has already come and gone. We're still riding that natural high that a fantastic trip gives you. We went up to Pennsylvania for an old friend's wedding and made the most of the trip by stopping along the way at some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! Here was our route to Pennsylvania and back! More to come about the fabulous places we visited!

Pennsylvania itinerary

Two Week Travels | Utah Big Five

With school letting out for summer in a couple of weeks, road trip season is approaching. Especially with COVID restrictions lessening little by little as more and more people get vaccinated, things are opening up and our options are widening. I think we are all ready to start getting back to some level or normalcy again.

If you're ready for a road trip but aren't sure where to go this summer, you can't go wrong with Utah. The whole state is like a big outdoor playground. We visited in October 2018 and hit the Utah Big Five + more in 11 days. Here was our route, which started and ended in Salt Lake City (we got our flights super cheap in and out of Austin-Bergstrom).

Utah Itinerary

*Page, AZ consisted of Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and Antelope Canyon.


Two Week Travels | West Texas + New Mexico

As we enter another April, I find myself reminiscing about our Texas/New Mexico road trip that we took in April of 2019. We had such a great time and explored mountains, caves, canyons, and dunes. We did a 10 day trip and, while there were a couple of places that we wish we had more time at (cough BIG BEND cough), we felt like we still got to do and see plenty without feeling rushed.

I'm sharing our itinerary as the first of our Two Week Travels series. These are going to be either itineraries that we have done or possibilities for the future  (I am seriously obsessed with planning trips) and all will be two weeks or less. Customize this route for yourself depending on where your beginning location is!

West Texas New Mexico itinerary
*these are the primary destinations; side trips not included


In honor of the two year anniversary of this trip, through the month I'll be revisiting some of the parks and places that we visited along the way, starting with one of my absolute favorite places on Earth: Big Bend National Park.